imagesOne of the biggest and most underrated sporting events is the summer LIVE period for high school basketball players.  The showcases are packed with coaches from D1-D3 colleges.  There are many camps as well.  These live period events are all over the country with a couple heavy hitters being in Vegas, to Atlantic city.  But many high school athletes miss out on getting recruited during the live period.  The live period is one of the most important times for high school athletes.  One big reason the live period is important is that it is very hard for a coach to travel and see a player during the basketball season.  Winning is important for a coach to keep his job.  The college coaches are traveling for games, game planning, and their schedule is brutal. Also coaches can only see athletes during certain times if they are at the D1 or D2 level.  The NCAA has guidelines/ rules for coaches and if they do not follow these guidelines it could be big trouble.

This leads to Aril and July.  During a few weeks in April and almost all of July, the Live Period is the most important part of a high school athletes career.  But there are factors that many parents do not understand.  A common issue I hear when speaking to parents is that their child’s team went to a LIVE Period event and coaches were there but not watching him.  Now here is a big issue.  There are many teams at one event.  There are many players at one event!  How is a coach going to see and notice your child out of everyone else.  Even if the child plays well, the player can be lost in a pool of overwhelming talent and teams.  The next issue is that a coach saw the child play, but I didn’t have a way to contact the coach or didn’t have the tools to contact the coach to follow-up.  Another key issue is that the team the player plays on does not have the network, connections, or talent that will intrigue college coaches.  A big mistake parents make is just dealing with the high school coach.  As I mentioned earlier it is hard for coaches to see the high school games.  With the summer being so important, the summer games are very important and probably more important from a recruiting standpoint because you can be seen by more than one coach at a time.

There are many factors which short a player during live period.  But the main reason is not knowing and relying on other people to handle your recruiting.  The best way to prepare for the live period is getting in contact with coaches.  Getting information to coaches in a professional manner and creating constant exposure.  If you have failed during the live period it is ok.  There is still time.  Especially for UNSIGNED SENIORS.  If you are in need of help please contact us now.  Fill out the form or call us now!!!(443) 424-3571



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