Why high school basketball players don’t get recruited during live period

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The live period for the NCAA offers high school athletes an opportunity to for high school athletes to play directly in front of high school athletes.  High school basketball players get excited, as the weeks in April, and the month of July could give them the exposure needed to get an offer from a college.  But the live period doesn’t well for some high school ballers.  Many parents ask us at Prospect Exposure how to get the biggest advantage to get recruited during the live period.  Here are a few questions asked to our recruiters while we were on the road this summer.

  1. It seems that the sneaker sponsored teams get all the exposure!  Should I take my son to a sponsored team like Nike or Adidas?  Playing for a sponsored team like Under Armour and so forth are huge for recruiting.  They have their own tournaments, and the sponsored colleges usually support those tournaments.  The exposure is huge.  But there are fall backs.  There are a lot of teams.  Coaches usually know who they want to see.  Some of these teams have politics, meaning they are looking for the ranked players, or the best players.  They promote and push certain players.  We recommend researching these teams.  A lot of these teams are not organized.  Also, if you get on one of these teams and your playing a lot of minutes, it defeats the purpose.  There are a lot of non sponsored teams that get more guys in colleges than some of the sneaker sponsored teams.  I recommend finding a team where you can play on the court.  Also research the AAU coach.  Look for a coach that has a history of sending kids to schools.  Also, a lot of tournaments allow non sponsored teams to get in.  Sponsored teams have a huge advantage.  But are not for everyone
  2. My child has played in the live period in good tournaments, and played well.  Why hasnt a coach recruited my son?  There are several reasons.  Live period tournaments have a lot going on.  There are a lot of teams, and a lot of coaches.  Most coaches are looking for a kid they know about.  They are trying to see that player to make sure he or she is the type of player the really want.  Also there are so many teams that a coach can easily overlook a team.  Many teams and players can get over looked when they get out played in tournaments.  This means that the coach has picked a tourney that has strong players, but maybe his team is not as good as those players.  The best way to get coaches to notice you is to get your information out to coaches and build relationships before the tournament begins.  This is one of the main reasons you join a program like Prospect Exposure.
  3. Only lower Division schools (D3-D2) have looked at my child.  Why havent top schools reached out to us?  There could be a lot of reasons for this.  We tell parents straight up, it could be that the athlete is not top talent.  Sometimes parents hurt the players recruiting by not having realistic goals.  This is one of the main reasons high school athletes do not get recruited.  The next reason is many players just get overlooked.  There are a lot of high school coaches, AAU coaches, that just do not have the tools or knowledge to get info to high school coaches.  A good player can easily get overlooked.  There are many athletes, but not enough schools at the top-level for every athlete.  Every bit of exposure helps.  Quite frankly, that’s why we created Prospect Exposure

There are many more questions that parents have asked us.  Too many, not enough time to discuss each one.  Please contact us, speak with college recruiter one on one to discuss any of your questions and concerns.  Feel free to call us at (866) 620-2702 or email us at info@prospectexposure.com  Also, you can fill out the information below, and we will send your question to a college recruiter and you will get a fast response.  Don’t wait till the last-minute.  Get help NOW!!!



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