Tip: How to get the advantage in recruiting

Fairfield Ludlowe's Caroline Pangallo dribbles the ball during a Class LL state tournament game in March. Photo by Mary Albl/Minuteman


Most parents and high school athletes want the top secrets to college recruiting.  But before we talk about tips and tricks to college recruiting, one thing is important, eligibility.  Before we even attempt to talk about getting schools to contact college athletes, we must talk about being eligible.  Sometimes parents forget the most important thing is grades.  The high school athlete should focus on academic eligibility before anything.  Being academically eligible will give the athlete the advantage over other athletes.  With the grade point average (gpa) for eligibility raising in 2016, it is important to get the grade point average up.  So the most important tip for high school athletes is to focus on the gpa starting in the 9th grade.  Because of the level of  talent in the country, the college coach seeks players that will be eligible.  If a coach sees that you are eligible, he is more willing to recruit that player.  BIG ADVANTAGE!  Get the grades.  Very important.

The next step is getting your information out to college coaches.  College recruiters have become crucial to the recruiting process.  Recruiting programs like Prospect Exposure are at major events all the time.  Not only do we network and send information out to college coaches, we can scout for them as well.  Getting a experienced recruiter to push your information out to college coaches is a must.  This is another big advantage in the recruiting process.  Building relationships with college coaches is important.  We recommend starting to send information to coaches as early as 9th grade.  So if a high school athlete is not doing this, you are behind in the recruiting process.

When a college recruiter sends information out to colleges coaches, grades will be a major reason that coaches will want to know about.  We recommend getting into the NCAA eligiblity center by the start of your 11th grade.  Coaches will also want to see video.  It’s very rare that a coach will see a player during high school, and it is tough to see a player at every tournament during the summer.  More importantly, having coaches view game film/ highlights, will get a coaches interest to want to recruit the athlete.  Many times these athletes do not have video.  It is hard to expect a coach to recruit a player without video.  Getting good video is very important and is one of the most important parts of the recruiting process.  Highlights usually peak the coaches interest.  Highlights are quick, exciting, and keep the coaches interest.  But coaches are not stupid.  They will want full game video footage next.  College coaches will need to check a player throughout a whole game.  If a coach can not come to see you, get the game to them.  If they like what they see, they will come back for more.  This is one of the most crucial parts of the recruiting process.  A lot of parents are not aware of what good video is.  If the game is ugly, sloppy, and not filled with talent, coach will not event waste his/her time watching the video.  So filming every game is a must!

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