Gary Jefferson: remember the name


If you have seen Gary Jefferson play, one thing comes to mind. Tough. Gary has the size and strength to play at the Division 1 level. He also has the mental toughness. Jefferson was one of the main reason his high school team Lake Clifton had a good season. Gary can score with the best of them. But many will be more impressed with his leadership, unselfishness, and ability to get other teammates involved.  Jefferson is a rebounding guard with a high motor. His ability to hit big shots under pressure has also given Gary a reputation as a big time assassin. Coming off of a senior year that turned heads, Jefferson now weighs his options on what school is the best fit for him. 


  Gary has been constantly looking for ways to improve his game, and coaches have noticed. Now it’s time get the right school where he feels comfortable and can excel. We will keep you up to date on Gary as he excels in the recruiting. 

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