Learn why D1 schools aren’t talking to you.


   The BIG question for high school athletes!  Why D1 coaches are not recruiting me?  Or why am I not getting heavily recruited by top schools that I like?  There are many answers and reasons.  Unfortunately, I have to explain the recruiting process to athletes and parents.  It’s very frustrating, and the truth is very embarrassing when not getting recruited.  Usually when a high school athlete doesn’t get the interest he/she would like, the first thing I always here is blame.  They blame the high school and or club coach.  They blame the teams talent.  Our team sucks!  My coach didn’t help me with recruiting!  I am playing the wrong position!  Well, all of those excuses could play a reason, but those usually are not the reason.  I hate to be the one who breaks the news to high school athletes.  But the position we are in as college recruiters is tough.  The number one reason D1 college coaches are not recruiting the high school athlete is that they are not D1 talent.  It doesn’t mean that the ATHLETE is a bum!  But usually the athlete, and especially the parents of the athlete will not see the picture.  Parents are emotionally attached to the player/child.  This is something that is not easily avoided.  Its family.  The parent knows how much work the athlete goes through.  The parent watches every game, believes in their child, and wants what all parents desire: A FULL SCHOLARSHIP!  But the parents/ athlete also want to follow prestige.  The goal of making it to the pros, the belief that if they go to a D1 school they still can become a pro.  The notoriety of playing D1 is also a reason.  To play against the best talent, to play on T.V., to brag about being a D1 athlete, creates the illusion that D1 is superior over D2.  Lets be honest, a goal of any athlete is to play at the top-level.  Here is the reality of the situation.  Athletes and families need to stop comparing their child to other athletes and realistically look at the current situation.  Most athletes that are not getting recruited by D1 schools actually get other opportunities.  The issue is that they ignore those opportunities.  This is the biggest mistake in the college recruiting process.  If a player has six D2 interest, and no D1 interest, then that player may be a D2 athlete.  I often see players go to the worst D1 schools, when  a D2 school is the best fit for them.  D2 schools offer full scholarships, and usually these schools are better fits for the athlete.  The reply from parents is simple.  ” My child doesnt want that! ”   Well then being heavily recruited is not the what the athlete and family want.  They just want to go D1.  But is the player even D1 talent?  Here is the disappointing cause that needs to be said.  The athlete may be D1, but not by much.  The player may have ability, but maybe the skill set, size, position they will play at the D1 level are deciding factors.  For example, the average size of a quarterback at the D1 level is about 6’2.  If your 5’11 your interest will be very low.  Another example is the average ht for a point guard at the D1 level is 6’2.  If you are under 6 feet, it will be very tough to be recruited.  Usually skill level is a key.  If you are a basketball scorer in high school, you better show you can do more.  Everyone can score, but can you bring more to the table.  Many factors will decide D1-D2.  Here is the issue.  Athletes must go where they are wanted and NOT where they want to go.  Many times athletes get recruited, but not aggressively by D1 schools.  At the last minute a D1 school will offer and the athlete jumps at the chance.  In most cases, when the athlete arrives they do not play alot.  Most cases, the athlete ends up transferring to a D2 school.  The shocking truth of it all is that the athlete may not be a D1 player.  Get in where you fit in.  Plus, there may be D1 schools that the athlete can play for, but maybe his grades are not at that level. Enjoy the recruiting process.  Look at every school.  D1-D3.  For athletes, any coach that respects and shows interest in their game and work ethic should be appreciated.  The key to getting heavily recruited is not how many D1 schools you have, but how many schools are recruiting you.  No matter what division, have options.  GET THE EDUCATION.  BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE!    

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