Diamani Mcneely: Just give him a chance!

diamani flickDiamani McNeely is one of the most athletic kids I have dealt with at the high school level.  If you watch him play, you will see that he can dominate just like every other top high school athlete.  He goes to a trainer and puts in the extra work like every other player.  Like every top prospect he dominates the competition in front of him.  Diamani shows every day why he should be an college athlete.  He has just joined the Prospect Exposure program just like his teammate Yave Sanchez.  Both of them have dominated at the high school level.  My first interaction with Diamani was via text.  He mentioned that he hopes college coaches give him a chance.  The reason is that like his teammate.  Diamani is hard of hearing.  He goes to the Maryland School of Deaf.  Don’t let that fool you.  His high school team beats/ beats up on local high school teams in the Washington D.C. area.  I responded by text to Diamani very emotionally that we will do our best to fight the stereotype, and we wer going to show that he is a good player.

iPhoto Mcneely, along with teammate Sanchez are the keys of an incredible offensive and defensive line.  He totalled 30 sacks his junior season.  His team as played out-of-state and played very well.  We look forward to starting Diamani’s recruiting process and we will keep you up to day with his progress.  As Diamani starts his recruiting process, please share is remarkable story.      


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