Desire to be the best: The Kevin Parrish Story

photo (6)Many young high school basketball players take college for granted.  These players usually end of going to prep schools, or not going to college at all because they do not take the recruiting process seriously.  Kevin Parrish refuses to let that happen.  When I first talked to the young man, I knew he had the right mindset for his future.  The 2016 point guard from Catonsville high school has joined the Prospect Exposure recruiting program with a great attitude.  Parrish understands the importance of education.  He speaks passionately about college, understanding how an education is the key to success.  Kevin is currently the starting J.V. point guard.  As the season is coming to an end, he is visualizing playing against the top talent in his area.  ” I want to show I belong.  I want to prove I can play against the best”, Parrish states with confidence.


Kevin stands out over the other high school athletes because he has the grades to match.  Catonsville is one of the best academic schools in his area.  Prospect Exposure’s Evan Rhodes also attends the school.  Parrish speaks highly of his dad.  His dad plays a major part in making sure he continues to stay on the right path.  ” I can not say enough about my dad.” Kevin stated on the Prospect Exposure Radio show!  Parrish seems to have the proper balance that would peak a college coaches interest.  But Kevin has a lot to prove.  The desire to be the best, will make Kevin play at the next level.  Now Kevin gets ready for AAU.  Coaches can make contact with Kevin this summer.  We will keep you updated on Kevin as he starts he recruiting process.  STAY TUNED!

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