Calvert Hall’s Reggie Rouse: Defeating basketball politics


Reggie Rouse is the starting point guard for Calvert Hall high school. The team is one of the top teams in Maryland. Reggie has game. But the journey was not always easy for Reggie. The politics and favoritism in AAU basketball has been tough. Reggie even was overlooked on JV his first year, being placed on the fresh/sophomore team. But when you have strong family support, and a great father as a role model, quitting isn’t the answer. Politics unfortunately is part of the basketball world. Reggie showed the determination to overcome the odds. Hard work, faith, and being a good kid have been the key for survival. 2 years after being on the Fresh/ Sophomore team, Reggie is a starting point guard as a Junior on the 1st place Varsity team. Reggie is in the Prospect Exposure program and colleges are taking notice. We will keep you informed of the point guards recruiting process.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to here our live interview with Reggie on our Radio show.

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