Teron Owens: Putting in work!

The basketball circuit is full of well hyped players. There are so many AAU teams, and many high school players that many good player can be easily over-looked. Teron (TJ) Owens is a player that may have been in that category. The 2014 6’2 combo guard hasn’t worried about all of the over hyped players that have been getting more attention than him. If you meet Teron, it’s easy to see how humble he is. The lengthy guard has grown up in the gym. I have been blessed to follow him through the years. Teron has a strong family background. His grandfather was in charge of one of the best AAU areas in the country-Washington DC. His grandmother is a coaching legend in Baltimore. TJ’s dad was also a standout basketball player. Knowledge of the game, Teron can get it from the best. Watching him play, you can tell he has been listening.

Owens plays with pure heart. You can see his love for the game. I like his unselfish play. Great players make their teammates better. The word ASSIST isn’t a popular word anymore. It’s refreshing to watch Teron play. Teron plays an all around game. He can score all over the court. He is an excellent defender and a strong rebounder. Teron is starting his recruiting process and I am very excited to start working with him. Teron is excited about his future. He knows a college education is very important. We will keep you updated on his recruiting process as he enters the Prospect Exposure program!

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