Donald Imes: Fighting for respect!



Many times good basketball players end up on teams that are not considered one of the best.   Usually this will break good players.  It will cause players to get frustrated, become selfish, and show bad sportsmanship.  Sometimes players quit!  Donald Imes just keeps on working hard.  The 2014 combo guard has always been overshadowed.  Maybe, the lack of respect keeps a tough basketball player hungry.  Most good basketball players decide to go to high schools that have ranked basketball teams.  Imes decided to put education first.  Donald goes to a Magnet high school in Catonsville, Md.  It is very tough to get excepted in Western Technology High school.  He knew it would be tough to get noticed on a team that was not good.  It actually started out promising for Donald.  He had a J.V. team that was tough.  Prospect Exposures’s John Morant and Karahn Alston, both played J.V. with Donald.  Eventually the two players would leave the school, leaving Donald to carry the team.  There have been some tough times at Donald’s high school team.  But he keeps on fighting.  There has been some good to come out of his situation.  Donald has learned to become a leader.  The well-mannered, humble player has been a great teammate. Despite the tough losses, Donald has started to get the recognition he deserves.  The AAU Maryland Crusaders player has shown that he can enjoy the game, and focus on getting better.  Now Donald is gaining his respect as a tough basketball player, representing his academic school.CALVERT HALL VS DONALD IMES

Donald has now entered the Prospect Exposure program.  Donald is preparing for his next chapter in life.  COLLEGE!  Donald has the tools to play at the next level.  We are very excited to work with him.  As the season ends, being senior will cause many players to panic.  But Donald has his family stressing grades, positive attitude, and a commitment to grow as a man.  We will keep you updated on Donald as his recruiting process gets going.

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