Donnell Bell: Back in the game!

 20131122-103623.jpgWe have all heard the story of the young athlete that can play, but gets burned out. Usually in this case, parents force the kid to keep playing. The player often quits. But there are cases where parents decide to let their child follow his or her own heart. Many times this can be difficult. But I found a story where a kid decided to take time away from football. Donnell Bell, a player that grew up living football since he was born. Donnell is a player that played football as a child for the highly nationalized powerhouse youth program Northwood Rams in Baltimore city since he was five years old. His older brother actually won a national championship on one of the Northwood teams. Everyone one was anxious for Donnell to enter high school and follow in the footsteps of his brother. But Donnell allowed himself to grow as a person. He decided to try other sports. He decided to spend more time with family. ” I feel like I had a chance to grow as a person” states Bell. “Usually parents put pressure on kids! My parents just want me happy!” Donnell said with a smile. But after time reflecting, the passion came back!

20131122-110559.jpgDonnell had a solid season as a senior at Northeast high school in Pasadena, MD. Now he is not a child but a young man. 6’0, 170 pounds and still growing. The senior showed an aggressive attitude. Which is what I like in football players. Now with the passion back, Donnell really has the love and respect for football. It’s never too late”, says Jason Taylor of Prospect Exposure. ” We feel that there is a school for everyone!” Taylor states as he speaks of the importance of education. As Donnell enters the Prospect Exposure program, we will keep you informed of his recruiting progress!

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