College is costly: Angry parent’s are saying money doesn’t grow on TREES!

A College education is a must. College is also costly. Parents and students are begging for help. The fact is, academic scholarships are hard to obtain. We are also finding out more students are having to get student loans. The issue is loans must get paid back. One of the best ways to pay for college is an ATHLETIC scholarship.
Most high school student athletes think that because they can play, they will be heavily recruited. This is not true. There are a lot of variables involved. First of all you still need the grades and test scores. Secondly, coaches can not see every player. The recruiting process for student athletes is very complex.

I have spoken to many parents who state that their child has what it takes to play at the collegiate level. The problem is there are a lot of kids with the same talent. The next issue is there a many good players, but not enough scholarships. Parents must position their children to have as much exposure as possible. Athletes must GAIN THE ADVANTAGE in the recruiting process!
I always advise parents to start the recruiting process early. Get ahead of the competition. Parents should get advice from honest, trained recruiters about the college game! Usually what happens is parents expect the players senior year colleges will come knocking at the door! They don’t realize that most coaches are finishing up recruiting and are looking at younger players. It is a must to get a players information out to coaches earlier. To learn how the recruiting process works, and to get free college recruiting tips visit our web site at

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