Embarrassed parents: Lying and hurting their child!

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When kids start to play youth sports it can be very exciting to their parents. Especially for the kids that excel at an early age. Parents tell family and friends how great their child played. The parents start to speak of how many touchdowns, baskets, goals, the player has made. Family and friends begin to get excited. As the players get older and start to play high school sports, some start to lack the exposure and attention of college coaches. This can be caused from several reasons.

1. Other players start to catch them athletically and with skill. There are a lot of kids that start playing sports late, but are so athletic they start to dominate the players that have played for years.

2. As kids get older, some out grow other players. For example in youth football you can be the smallest kid on the field and can dominate. But as kids get in high school, size matters.
Some players get overly hyped and find out they are not that good. It is hard to measure youth sports because there are so many players that have never played before.

3. Some players just do not continue to work hard, and just do not become better.

4. Parents get so pumped up about their child’s athletic performance that they do not focus on grades and school work!

5. Parents were not aware of the recruiting process.

These factors can cause a player to miss out on an opportunity to get a scholarship. Some players will not be good enough. There is nothing we can do to help these players. Hopefully they have good grades. For the players that have the ability to play in college, the main reason they lack interest in college is very simple. Unrealistic goals and not getting help with the recruiting process.

As parents start to realize that their child is not getting any offers from school, some feel embarrassed to ask for help. As a college recruiter, I go to many games and have great conversation parents. The first question I like to ask is how is their child doing with the college recruiting process. Most parents say their child is getting a lot of interest. Later I find out 80% of the parents have lied. I wonder why parents would lie about such an important topic. I later find out that they are afraid to ask for help. The feel embarrassed because everyone has expected their child to get recruited. The parents thought the high school coach would handle the responsibility. Unfortunately, recruiting is not the high school coaches job.

High school athletes that are struggling have help! The parents just have to be honest with themselves and take the help offered. I get very upset when parents tell me they are not interested in help with their child’s recruiting. Then later they call me and ask for help. I always ask the parents about the schools that were interested in the player before. Parents seem to forget what they told me months earlier. The sad thing is that sometimes parents wait until it’s too late. Please do not be ashamed to ask for help. The most important thing is getting an education, for free. If you are a parent and you’re frustrated with your how your child’s college recruiting is going, contact us now. We assist families in the recruiting process. For free recruiting tips sign up to our FREE news letter. Also check out our popular blog for recruiting help at http://www.blog.prospectexposure.com Also set up a FREE appointment with a college recruiter. We are here to help.

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