The tragedy of Curtis Malone/DC Assault: Will it change College recruiting

20130823-131129.jpgFor those that do not know, Curtis Malone was arrested and charged with a felony of selling drugs. Malone is a founder and president of DC Assault, which is considered the premier AAU organization in the country. The program has sent many players to the NBA, and has placed many players in top colleges across the country. The arrest has made major headlines across the country and basketball inner circle. Some feel that the arrest will set the DC Assault organization back. People feel that the image has been destroyed. Others feel that the DC Assault organization will remain strong. I have heard many rumors, from the organization changing its name, to DC Assault having confidence the arrest will not harm the powerful program. Either way, the Curtis Malone incident has sparked conversation about the state of AAU and college recruiting as a whole. There are many opinions about Malone, who had a major influence in the college recruiting game. But whatever you think about Malone, he has helped many kids make it to college. His relationships with coaches vary, but his results are outstanding! Many questions have come out of this. Was Curtis Malone a problem for AAU? Would parents have dealt with the program if they knew his activities?
More importantly, should summer basketball get back to high school coaches?
20130823-130747.jpgLet’s not be naïve, there are many people using illegal activities as a way of giving back to the community. Like it or not, the reality is most there are a lot of good people mixed up in the wrong things but try to help kids out. The main problem is when these people use the student athletes for financial gain and corrupt the system. The status of college recruiting has become in question. I hear many people believe that summer basketball should be held for the high school teams. But this is just too expensive. Most AAU teams have sponsorship. To be honest, there are high school coaches who are taking advantage of their players as well. For basketball, the live period is very important. See Dc Assault Kevin Durant below!
20130823-130534.jpgI wish DC Assault much luck with continuing their success. It will be interesting to see how they will be able to overcome such a tragedy. But when it comes to players and parents, I feel relying on the AAU program or the high school coach alone can be harmful. Parents/ players should take the recruiting process and put it in their own hands. It is the only way for a player not to be taken advantage of by coaches. Take control. The best way is to start taking control is to get into a program that gives the families of high school athletes the knowledge of getting heavily recruited. For free information on college recruiting and to speak to a trained college recruiter, check out Prospect Exposure at and check out the amazing blog at

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