The NCAA Live Period! Exciting but not helping all!

20130727-212742.jpg The live period for the NCAA is wonderful for basketball. It is a chance for coaches to evaluate talent. The NCAA live period, are doing the months of April and July. July is divided into two periods approximately 20 days during the month. The April period has just been brought back. The live periods are the only times college coaches are allowed to watch prospective recruits on the AAU circuit. College coaches come out to many organized basketball tournaments to view the talent they are recruiting or find some hidden talent under the radar. The high school season is live. During the high school season, coaches can come, evaluate high school players. Unfortunately, this is time when the college coaches are involved in their own season. During this time it’s tough to recruit talent because coaches are focused on their own teams. So during the live period, coaches can hit the road, and put a major focus on recruiting. For the players it’s a great time to play in tournaments filled with college coaches. The gyms are usually filled with coaches, and a player can showcase his/ her talent and get the most out of the recruiting process

There are some that believe the live period process is not working and should be ended. Some feel that the college coaches should spend more time during the high school season watching players play, enforcing that high school basketball is important. Coaches on the other hand, need more time to see talent, and also want to see the best play the best. Personally, I think that the coaches should have more time to recruit. The live period affects the players because they do not have the luxury to have more time as well.

Why players fail during the live period.


Most times during the live period, coaches are trying to show their interest in uncommitted recruits. They are also trying to keep an eye out on potential recruits. Many coaches also look for some talent that they have never seen, hoping to get them early. In most cases, there are thousands of players that can play, that never get noticed by a coach. Here some examples to why players will not get noticed during the live period.

  • Too many teams and games. It is almost impossible for a coaching staff to view every game and evaluate every player.
  • Pressure to perform. In most cases, players are not getting any interest and feel the pressure to perform in front of coaches. In this case, they do not play well
  • Exposure. A lot of players do not have the exposure, so the coach will not even come and see them play.
  • Coaches already know who they want. Usually coaches are coming to look at the talent they know, so they have certain games they want to watch. This enables the coach to put in extra effort recruiting players of interest
  • Lack of recruiting tools. Players just think its all about playing. They do not understand the recruiting process. So the coaches have no clue of who they are.

The live period for the NCAA can be great. But if college coaches do not have any info on the player, it can be a complete failure and waste of money. Recruiting services like help players get information out to coaches. That way when a player gets in front of a coach, the coach knows who he is. This helps in the recruiting process. The best way to get a coach to notice a player is to get your information to the coach ahead of time. Players should have communications with the coaches. Players need to get contact info, highlights, and more to coaches. The most important reason recruiting services help is they have the tools to assist in the recruiting process. For players who have failed during the live period, it’s not too late. Get your information to coaches A.S.A.P. and prepare for next years live period. For rising seniors, it’s not too late. Get the most out of the recruiting process and get coaches contacting you, seeing you play in games during the season. Are you in need of video, recruiting help, a player profile or advice. Put your info in the form below and let us know how we can help you.

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