Quitting! No schools interested in me!

20130717-155014.jpgThe cost of paying for all the travel sports teams has most parents with only lent in their pocket. No change to spare! Gas money, tournament fees, lodging, club dues, and any other expenses can be to much. The only reason most parents pay money for travel teams is for exposure. The chance to play against the best in front of coaches! After realizing that there are so many players, and coaches can not see every athlete, players and families give up. Not to mention that they have put the last bit of hope in the high school coach. “I’m done!”, shouted an angrily parent at a basketball camp. “This was a waste of money!”, shouted another parent. As a college recruiter I hear so much pain from parents that it gets me emotional. These parents have spent all of this money and college coaches do not know who their child is. I approached one frustrated parent and asked why she was so angry? She said she is sick and tired of wasting money. She gave me a breakdown of the money she has wasted in three months (from April to June).

• $350 for team dues.
• Over $100 to watch her child play in events
• Over $400 dollars in hotel money. This was just for her as a parent. Her child stayed with the team. But I do not blame this parent for wanting to be close to her child who was 16.
• Over 600 dollars in exposure camps!

****These cost do not include spending money, gas, extra money that the clubs have asked for.

The first thing I notice was that her child was very busy for two months. Players need rest! The next thing I noticed was the parent spent a lot of money. She was unaware of the NCAA live periods. She did not have a scouting report on her child to get a realistic goal about what schools she could target. The parent was not sure if her child had registered in the NCAA eligibility center. Honestly, this did not have a clue! Her answer was I think! I think the school handles that! I think the coaches are doing this!

Most parents do not have knowledge of how the recruiting process works. Why waste unnecessary money on a wish? Wishing that a coach might see a player is not worth my money. I explained how the recruiting service Prospect Exposure would save her time, money, and travel. The parent could not believe the information she was receiving.

Prospect Exposure assist families in the recruiting process. They provide a professional profile with all the information a college coach would want on a player. Video, stats, contact information, coaches info, picture, bio, and much more. With a data base to contact all the coaches, Prospect Exposure gets the players information to coaches saving money. With constant write-ups and interviews on their blog radio show, the player enjoys the recruiting process and does not get frustrated with it. Prospect Exposure also does video with editing and photos. You get the most out of the recruiting process!

DON’T QUIT! I told the parent. Without the proper tools you are playing Russian roulette with the players future. With an aggressive recruiting plan, and experts advice, you can easily become heavily recruited! For more information on getting help with college recruiting contact a college recruiter now.
Don’t quit! Get the information to succeed!

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