Exposure/ Prospect camps: Waste of money?

camp photoExposure/ Prospect camps are very important for high school athletes. But these type of camps can also be a waste of time and money. One of the most important things for an athlete is to be seen by colleges coaches. AAU is a great venue. But it is totally impossible for college coaches to check out every college player. Football is even more difficult. Football players need time for their bodies to heal, and usually do not play on club teams and club events.

Type of Camps

Exposure camps, are usually camps where you go to hopefully get seen by coaches. But more importantly, some of these camps do rankings, or have scouting services that evaluate and rank players.

Prospect camps can be the same as exposure camps. But colleges offer prospect camps. These camps are given by a university and give the athlete a chance to showcase his/ her talent in front of the college coaches the player is interested in attending.

Exposure camps are great. These camps usually have the best players in the country for that particular sport. If an athlete does well, the athlete will get a lot of exposure. The athlete has a chance to get a ranking of some sort, and the athlete showed they can compete at the highest level of competition. The negativity of going to exposure camps

  1. They are usually packed with athletes.
  2. The games are more like pick up games and players are usually selfish.
  3. Coaches may attend camps like this but it is very difficult to give a good impression of a coach.
  4. Also the camps are very talented. It is hard for every player to stand out.
  5. Sometimes these camps are a waste of money because they are overly hyped, and often do not have that many coaches any way.
  6. Rankings are also good for exposure, but sometimes these players are already known.

Prospect Camps are very important. Even if a player has a national ranking, players have the chance to spend time around the coaches of a school to give a lasting impact. Not only will the player be able to showcase their talent, they will be able to get to know the coaches, stay overnight on the campus, and get educated on college life. Negatives to Prospect Camps are

  1. Football camps just run drills or 6 on 6 games. There are no hitting at school camps, so it will be difficult to showcase your talents.
  2. The camp will have talent, and if an athlete is not performing there will be a negative advantage.
  3. Coaches may already be looking at certain players, and will not be focused on every player.
  4. Players who are not a good fit for the school and waste money even going.

I recommend researching camps. Try to find previous athletes who have attended and ask them how they like the camp? Were there many coaches at the camps? Did coaches contact them or show interest? How were the camps run? Cost?

The most important thing is to get the college coaches to want to see the players. I always prefer College Prospect camps at universities that have shown interest in a player. The best way to get a coach to show interest is to send the coach a professional athletic profile with all the information the coach will need ( grades, video, contact information). When a coach receives this information, he will become interested. When a coach is interested, it will be a good to attend that schools camp. Prospect Exposure will be doing evaluations on camps soon, so players in our program can get a the best experience possible!

For more information on how to get your information to a college coach, building an athletic profile and getting the most out of the recruiting process, put your information in below. Are you in need of video to show coaches?



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