Why choose Prospect Exposure


Are you trying to get heavily recruited? Have you wasted valuable time depending on the high school coach? Are you in desperate need of getting exposure? If you have answered YES to any of these question, you are in need of a recruiting service!

Why use a recruiting service?
A good recruiting service gets high school players information to college coaches in a professional way! After parents find out that the high school coach fails at getting their child recruited, the parents try to take on the recruiting responsibilities. Big mistake!! First of all, parents can be crazy. Parents need to be realistic when it comes to the players recruiting. More important, it’s hard work. Parents do not have the time or THE TOOLS, to get the information to the coaches properly! Many times they mail coaches too much information that is not even needed. Parents also don’t have a clue of what the process is all about. Recruiting services educate the families on the recruiting service and offer the tools to give the player as much exposure as possible.

There are many recruiting services! Many are over priced! What makes me angry is that these services charge the parents, and make the families do all the work. Not excepted! Why pay to do work when you are not even trained to do it? When you pay for a service, the work should be done by the company that takes your money! Wouldn’t you agree? Prospect Exposure does the hard work for you!

Prospect Exposure is more than just a recruiting service. It’s a scouting and recruiting service. They offer write-ups for coaches to learn about the player. They provide scouting reports on players! They build top professional profiles where coaches can get all the players information. Player interviews are also done. Prospect Exposure also gets the player information out to the coaches for the parents/ players in an aggressive manner. With a marketing plan, professional profile, strategic plan, and constant write ups by a scouting service, there is no reason a player with good grades can’t be recruited!


Prospect Exposure works hard to get the best for the player.  When you choose Prospect Exposure, you will have major benefits

  1. When the player does not have to worry about updating player profiles, sending the profiles out, and being recruited, the athlete can focus on the important thing! School work!  Prospect exposure allows the player to have more time to get school work done, instead of worrying about contacting schools.
  2. Less stress will cause more focus. The player will have more time, and less stress.  That means more time to practice, and more focus to play well.  A athlete with time, energy, focus, and GOOD GRADES, already has a step up on every one else in the recruiting process!
  3. Time is money!  Choosing Prospect Exposure causes parents not using over hyped, over priced, recruiting services  that make the parents/ players do all the work.  Let the experts do the work for you.  And SAVE MONEY IN THE PROCESS!

Prospect Exposure has one goal.  To assist families in the recruiting process.  Not only does Prospect Exposure do all the recruiting for you, they provide constant valuable information to educate the family.  Contact Prospect Exposure now.  Do not be an UNSIGNED SENIOR!  Get heavily recruited now!


For more information, contact Prospect Exposore at
443-469-1640 email info@ prospectexposure.com
or check out the web site. Www.prospectexposure.com

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