What is the NCAA Eligibility Center

When a high school athlete is trying to obtain a athletic scholarship, they must be registered with the NCAA eligibility center? Why? What is the NCAA eligibility center? The NCAA eligibility center determines the academic eligibility and status for all DI and DII.
The player will have to create an account with the eligibility center. First start by going to this site NCAA eligibility center and then create an account. There is a fee to register, but it is not that high. When registering you will have to enter information from school, sport, to club info. Once the account is created, check your email to complete the registration process. Once your account has been confirmed, you will need to get your information to the eligibility center. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY YOUR HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR CAN SEND IN YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. The player or family can not send in his/ her own records. Yes, if you have not focused on grades, then you are already behind the recruiting process! After you have gotten high school transcripts to the NCAA eligibility center, you must get your SAT or ACT scores sent.
Great job, you have registered with the NCAA eligibility center but now you have to get all your information to the high school coaches. Usually parents and players depend on the high school coach to get this information out. I will be honest this is a bad mistake. I recommend a recruiting service like Prospect Exposure to get you heavily recruited. You will need someone to get your information out to all the college coaches with a professional player profile. Some parents try to do this themselves, but end up messing up the recruiting process. With a professional profile, a scout/ recruiter working for you, this will allow the family to focus on other duties. Prospect Exposure also will do write ups on the players and do an interview with them as well to keep coaches informed and let them have a sense of what kind of person they will be recruiting. Do not wait to be an unsigned senior.
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