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As a college recruiter, I often find myself getting asked many questions. How can I get my child recruited? How can I get more exposure? How can I get my information out to the college coaches? Parents and players alike, are so frustrated with the recruiting process, that they are willing to even GIVE UP on the dream of getting a athletic scholarship. Many parents want to know my secret of getting coaches to contact and inquire about players that are not highly recruited. At Prospect exposure we have developed what we call a recruiting program. Here are some of the reasons our program works when it comes to the recruiting process!
To begin, the number one tip in college recruiting is having good grades. In most instances, the parents focus on the athletic performance of the athlete. They often forget that the goal is to get an education. So they make decisions solely on the player being on a great team, working out, playing all the time, and going to exposure camps. These players usually end up at schools that do not get them prepared for the college. They often do not have the grades, or go to a school that just lets them get by. When it comes to taking the S.A.T. test, and actually qualifying for school, they come up short. So of course, if you have the grades, it is very easy to get a kid that can play a scholarship. Remember, we are talking about a college education first, not becoming a pro.
The next step is to have a athletic profile. Many times parents mail coaches information. They have this big package with all of this information. Countless amounts of video, and other stuff that is probably not even going to get to the coach. An athletic profile will include the most important information a coach will need. It will include the most important information YOU will want a coach to have. The profile will have the players contact information. A coach will have a players email, home address, parent information, school information, team information, with easy access. The profile will contain the highlights of the player, stats, and athletic ability. Most important, the profile will provide your GRADES AND TESTING INFORMATION. The profile should be professional, and also be on line so that every coach can view the profile. Being on line will also allow you to track how many times your profile has been viewed. Coaches do not have time to go through all of the junk mail they receive. It is very important to get your information to the coaches or have the coaches be able to view your information instantly.
After getting a professional profile, the key is to get your profile to as many coaches as possible. Of course this is the hardest part. It is a full time job to get coaches a players information. Many times, even when you get the information to a coach, there is not a guarantee that a coach will even see your information. Sending colleges coaches player information takes several follow ups, calls, and you must have an aggressive strategy to make sure a coach has viewed your profile. Lets be honest! Coaches do not want to deal with the parents. Coaches really want to talk to what I would call the investment. THE PLAYER! The one that they are going to spend four years with. The one that they are going to give the dream every high school player athlete should have! The letter of intent! The scholarship! Many times parents can get in the way and hurt the recruiting process. This is a huge problem because it is impossible for the player to email and call coaches. They have workouts, games, homework, studying, and probably the regular stress of a teenager. Not only are the players busy, but so are the parents. Parents have it bad. In most cases parents have full time jobs, must take and pick players school/practice, and anything else you can imagine. With all the responsibilities of a parent, it is almost impossible for a parent to handle the recruiting process. Depending on the high school or club coach to do this is a big mistake! High school coaches have many responsibilities themselves. To be honest, coaches are more worried about recruiting for the the upcoming season’s team. Coaches have their own jobs to worry about. When you can not get a coach to help, and college coaches do not want to deal parent, it makes the recruiting process very difficult. Being an unsigned senior is very stressful and for some athletes, it can be quite embarrassing!
Don’t you agree, having a trained person to handle the recruiting process is so much easier? Recruiters are always dealing with the college coaches, so they develop a personal relationship with the coaches. Recruiting services like Prospect Exposure create player profiles. They have a data base with all the college coaches contact information. They scout for college coaches. Recruiting services should provide video tape of players games and game time photographs. Recruiting services should provide player write ups, interviews, and most importantly get the players information out to the coaches.
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