Parents messing up the recruiting process!

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When a parent believes their child can play, and sees that the player has not received the help from the high school coach it can be very frustrating. It is easy to take matters in your own hands. It is a parent’s instinct to do so. To save their child’s future is to be what is expected. As they notice time is running out, they start to focus on how they can get the athlete in front of college coaches. They start to panic and change travel teams. Some go as far as changing high schools, putting their child on a team for better exposure. Many moves like this are understandable. Especially when the player can play, and is just as good as any other player. But what parents do not understand is that there is never a perfect school, a perfect team, a perfect fit, a perfect situation for a child. That’s right! Sometimes you have to make the best of the situation. Do not misunderstand me? Sometimes there are just bad situations that can cause a parent to make drastic changes. But for the most part, parents get the idea that the high school coach is supposed to be the savior to the recruiting process. When this does not happen the parents tend to take the recruiting into their own hands. Most coaches just want to deal with the player only, and not the parent. Parents are so emotional when it comes to their child, that they often can not take a realistic approach to the recruiting process. They often can not settle for a realistic goal for the athlete, often turning down schools that are great fits for the player. They also often turn off coaches by harassing them, over hyping their child, and bringing negative attention to the player. But the worst part is parents do not even know about the recruiting process and often work hard getting very little results.
What is the alternative? The process is quite simple. When someone is working for you, giving honest input, helping create a plan to put your child in a position to succeed, and speaking for you, it makes the process a lot easier. It allows the parents to focus on the important things like the players grades, registering the child in the ncaa eligibility center, SAT and ACT, and getting the most out of the recruiting process.
If you are a parent in need of help with the recruiting process, do not panic. Its never to late. Take the time to get a recruiting service that can educate you on the process. Get input on your child’s game from a neutral view, and get your child into a school that is the right fit for the child where he will have the chance to play and get a scholarship.
For more information on how to get your child heavily recruited, put your information in and we will provide you valuable information! Do not make mistakes that will stop your recruiting process!  Get the help you need!

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