Jamaal Morant: A name to know!

Many times we often here about the high school athletes that over hyped and often not that good. Now, I am going to tell you about a player that in under hyped. Jamaal Morant. Stats do not lie. This kid can flat out play. He reminds me of an old school type of player. Jamaal plays both sides of the field. Seemed like he relished the leadership role on defense. As I wanted to see how he created tough yardage from nothing, I became for impressed with his desire to be on defense. Clearly an underrated player in the state of Maryland. For all colleges, this is a easy catch. As we talked to Jamaal and his family, they are now getting the understanding of the recruiting process. Jamaal is more known for his days in the official Pop Warner league. He was part of two State Championship teams that won several regional games and almost made it to the Pop Warner national championships in Florida, two years in a row. ” Having to compete with athletes that go to private schools and get all the attention has been tough, but I know I am better than any of those guys!”, stated a frustrated Morant as he feared he would miss out on the exposure those athletes were getting.

jamaal awardNow, after completing his Junior Year and Milford Mill Academy in Maryland, many ask where the phenomenal running back/ linebacker has been. We I am here to tell you he has gotten better. He is a powerful, bruising running back, with speed to out run the secondary. He was often seen running through several tacklers, and making precise cuts creating defenders to miss. We were not sure if they were missing because of the cuts, or the lack of desire to deal with tackling the tough running back. Let it be known this player has the misdirection ability to cause any defender to be embarrassed by trying to tackle him.
On defense he was just as impressive. Jamaal often hit runners with pure force, intimidating runners, and causing forced fumbles by hard hits or basically taking the ball from defenders.
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