High School Coach! Trying to help or trying to control the player?

yelling-coachOften times when parents call me about helping their child with the recruiting process, they are very angry and frustrated. One of the main reasons is that they relied on the high school coach who promised that they would get their child in to college. But the parents soon find out that the coach is more worried about recruiting for his team next year, not helping players already on the team. Parents usually see signs from previous players, that have not been recruited they should have been. The easiest sign is the unsigned seniors on the team. Usually, these players are thought to be heavily recruited, but often you will find them settling for schools at the last minute. Sometimes not even getting a scholarship at all. They also usually try to take the credit for the club or AAU coach, which is the main one getting the player in front of coaches during the live period. There are some high school programs that are great at helping kids get in school. But the majority of high school coaches have no idea about the recruiting process. They usually make promises to the player/family to get the child to play on the high school team. Once they get the player to commit to the high school, they focus on getting the next player to play. Can you blame them? If the high school coach doesn’t win, then he will lose his job. The high school coach can be under a lot of pressure. Especially from parents. The team loses, parents complain. The player does not play enough, the parent complains. A high school coach is worried about the recruitment of his high school team. The high school coach is usually a teacher of the school. If the coach is not a teacher, or worker of the school, they usually have full time jobs. Question! Why would parents think that a coach could handle so many task. Not to mention that there are many players on a team. How can a high school coach be responsible for each players recruitment? It’s not the high school coach to blame. Parents are uneducated in the recruiting process so they have no clue. You will be surprise at how many kids are seniors and not even registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.


Controlling coach

Most high school coaches usually mean well when it comes to their players. They care for the player and have the best interest at heart. But coaches are always trying to get the edge. They are usually worried that someone will start educating the player and the family of other options. When a parents and players start to learn about the recruiting process, coaches feel threatened. Coaches usually like to feel that they are in CONTROL. They usually use this control to influence the player and the family. Think about it. High school coaches do not like AAU basketball. But the live period in during AAU season. So why would a coach discourage a player from AAU? The feeling of not being in control, the feeling of not being the driving force behind a players exposures, and development. The feeling of losing the influence over how a player plays, thinks, or views the sport he plays can be damaging. Usually these same coaches are against recruiting services like Prospect Exposure because we educate the families in the recruiting process. Parents learn not to depend on the coach and learn get help from train athletes. A college education is a way to a better life. Wouldnt you agree? I am sure you do!


Here are situations that happen when high school coaches fail with getting a player recruited.

  • When a high school coach fails with the recruiting process, the parents usually have to take things in their own hands. BIG MISTAKE! College coaches do not want to deal with parents for a lot of reasons. Think about it. High school coaches do not want to deal with parents. Colleges coaches want to deal with the player they are recruiting. Parents tend to get in the way and that is never a good thing. Coaches want to make sure the player is someone that they want to recruit. Then they will try to deal with the parents. A parent can cause a coach to stray away from recruiting a player. I have seen this happen. It is a sad situation because the parent was only trying to do her best. She just did not know about the recruiting process.
  • Another sad thing when high school coaches fail at the recruiting process is when the player becomes a unsigned senior. The pressure of not having colleges interested in a player can put a lot of mental stress on the player and the family. When a college coach does come to see the player, the player is usually under tremendous pressure to perform. Why? No options. The player feels he has to perform or else he will not get the interest of the coach. Options are the key. I always tell families I talk to that are trying to get into major D-1 schools that options are the key. Twenty schools are better than five schools. Am I right? When a player does not have options, they become limited in the recruiting process. I enjoy hearing players say that 30 schools are interested in them. I am sure a parent would enjoy hearing that as well!
  • The worst situation when a high school coach fails at the recruiting process is a player doesn’t get recruited and gives up on his dream. Many families can not afford college and believe it or not, an athletic scholarship can be the only opportunity. When a player has the ability to get a scholarship and realizes that they do not have interest, some usually give up. The stress and pressure tends to make the player believe they do not have what it takes. Many players just do not want to worry about it anymore.

The recruiting process should not be overwhelming. The recruiting process should be fun. When a player gets into a program like Prospect Exposure they get several write-ups, Radio Blog Show interviews, social media marketing, and much more to make the player enjoy the recruiting process. These tools also aid in the recruiting process. This blog is not to attack the high school coach. It is to help. At the end of the day, getting kids in school is what it’s about!

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