A search for a perfect fit: The Karahn Alston story

There are some athletes that have families take their time and make all the right decisions. The parents pick the right high school, that focuses on academics. The parents find a club team where the athlete is promised to become better, and develop. But even when parents make wise decisions, sometimes things are not what they seem. Often times high school and club teams do not show loyalty. If you are new to AAU and High school sports, let me introduce the words corruption and politics to you. I have seen many players get ruined. I have seen coaches promise athletes so many things but lie. A lot of times kids never have the chance to show off their potential as athletes because of the politics of high school sports. Fortunately, I get a chance to talk about overcoming obstacles. In the case of Karahn Alston, a loving family, and an athlete with determination to overcome, can show that nothing can hold a good person down.

If you have never heard of Karahn, I can understand! Its usually the case of under hyped players that can play. I remember the first time I saw the lighting fast point guard play. I was impressed with his quick ball handling skills. He showed the ability to defend any guard on the court. He got his teammates involved, and showed tough leadership. When he was in the 8th grade, his parents choose a magnet school which is very tough to get accepted in. Karahn was told that the basketball program was trying to become stronger, and focus on creating strong student athletes. As the high school season took off, this seemed to be true. Karahn’s JV team won several games, and it looked like everything was in place for a successful high school career. Unfortunately, lies, the firing of a successful coach, and the politics that we would never imagine caused most of the team to transfer. The school was also not what it was promised to be. But when you are a strong minded, good person, opportunities are always available. Now Karahn is at Milford Mill Academy. Milford Mill had one of their best seasons this year. He is now in a position to better himself as a student and athlete.
Of course, that is not all Karahn had to deal with. AAU should be intended for the elite. The best of the best. Again the savy point guard had to overcome the politics of being promised that the strong players would play. Karahn had to find out the coach picked players that were not better than him. They ask him to play with the younger grade. I assume that they wanted him to be a ringer so that the younger team could win. Being in this situation would not have helped Karahn. He needed to showcase his talents against the best. He also was better than the kids on the older team! I wanted to make sure I got that point across. The frustration with AAU, and Karahn starting to develop growing pains in the knees, caused his parents to make a wise decision. They decided to give Karahn time off. A lot of parents are scared to make good decisions. But it paid off. Now Karahn is the starting point guard of the NBA player Carmelo Anthony’s TEAM MELO AAU

karahn action

organization. It seems that obstacles would not hold this family from getting their child to get a great education, and a chance at his dream to play collegiate basketball.
Now in his senior year, things have fallen in place. The point guard is now getting the attention he has lacked for a long time. Now Karahn is not searching for the right fit, he has become a good fit for a lot of universities. The great thing is Karahn and his family do not care. They just keep on moving and waiting for the next obstacle to overcome. I am proud to say Karahn Alston, you are a name to know.
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