SAT OR ACT! Facts you need to know!

20130628-120139.jpgWhen I meet a player, the first thing I ask them about are grades and SAT scores. Most players or their parents will say that the grades are good! But when I ask them about the SAT or ACT test, they start asking me the questions. Families usually do not have a clue of what the scoring system is. At Prospect Exposure we educate our families on the recruiting process. In this blog we will give info on both test. First, lets start with the SAT.

The SAT is a standardized test for most college admissions in the United States. It cost $50 for US residence and $81 for nternational students. The test scores can range from 600 to 2400. The average overall score (50th percentile) in the United States for 2012 was a 1498. The SAT is owned, published, and developed by the College Board. The College Board states that SAT measures literacy and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college. You can take the SAT more than once.

20130628-104429.jpgThe ACT, (originally an abbreviation of American College Testing) is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States. The ACT has historically consisted of four tests which are English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. To develop the test, ACT incorporates the objectives for instruction for middle and high schools throughout the United States. Most colleges use ACT scores as only one factor in their admission process. Some states have used the ACT to assess the performance of schools, and require all high school students to take the ACT, regardless of whether they are college bound. Test scores range from 1-36. 36 being the highest score. The average score is an 18. Students can also retake the test. The ACT is generally regarded as being composed of somewhat easier questions than the SAT, but the time allotted to complete each section increases the overall difficulty making it about the same difficulty of the SAT.


20130628-111448.jpgFiguring out which test to take may be determined simply by whatever admission criteria is laid out by your school of choice. But if the school doesn’t specify which test they want, making the choice doesn’t have to be made so difficult.
When looking at the SAT in comparison to the ACT, a clear difference is that the SAT is designed to evaluate your general thinking and problem-solving abilities. It kicks things off with a required 25-minute essay. This is the start to the Writing section, which you’ll complete in addition to the Critical Reading and Math sections. The SAT differs from the ACT in terms of the amount of time you’ll have to complete it (3 hours and 5 minutes) and the format in which you provide your answers. Both test have multiple choice questions, but the SAT has a part where you are required to provide answers. The SAT has fewer questions. The SAT also allows you to take subject test. Some Universities require it. The ACT has an optional writing part of the test. So if your writing is good you can use this to enhance your score. But if your writing is weak, you can opt not to take it.

They best thing to do is take pre/sample test. Get a feel for which test is better. But make sure you check with the universities you apply for. See what their requirements of. For more information on the SAT or ACT test contact us. Our job is to assist you in the recruiting process. LET US HELP YOU!

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